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To foster and sustain a culture of excellence

within the music community of Sonoma County.

About the Academy

Established in 2016, the Sebastopol Cello Academy is a place where music lovers of all ages can learn to play the cello, study music theory, and play in ensembles with 0ther cello lovers.

About the Director

Maureen Caisse, also known as "Miss Mo" has taught cello privately and in groups for over twenty-five years. She opened the Sebastopol Cello Academy to provide high-level music instruction to more students, especially those who might not be able to afford private instruction.

Maureen began studying the cello when she was nine years old. Two years later, she made her first solo appearance with the Berkeley Youth Symphony. She also soloed with the Oakland Youth orchestra as well as the San Francisco Symphony. Maureen played in Bay Area orchestras throughout her youth, serving as principal cellist for the Oakland and San Francisco Youth Orchestras, as well as the UC Berkeley Orchestra.


Maureen credits her first teacher, Milly Rosner, for instilling in her a love of cello and teaching music. By providing music instruction in a workshop setting, Maureen aims to create a vibrant music community that instills a love of classical music and inspires young musicians  to become teachers themselves.

Maureen is an avid chamber music player and currently plays with three chamber groups in the greater Bay Area.

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